Recrumatic’s online recruitment tools offer the flexibility to suit the hiring needs of any organization, regardless of size. Easy-to-use video interviewing software, online assessments as well as automated scheduling will make your hiring more efficient and enable you to accurately assess and identify the best candidates that apply for your job vacancies.

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Customer branding

Enhance your hiring brand by customizing the appearance of Recrumatic’s recruitments tools. Interview website pages, online assessments as well as communications sent to applicants can be personalized to carry your organization’s imprint.

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Engage applicants

Impress applicants by uploading images that reflect the qualities and successes of your organization. Make candidates want to work for you with photos that demonstrate the benefits of working at your company.

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Stand out

Tell candidates why they should work for your organization with a description of who you are and what you are all about. Incentivize applicants with the reasons your organization is growing and where you aim to be in the future.

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Job description

Give prospective candidates a clear understanding of the vacancy you’re trying to fill, the skills required, the experience you’d like to have and an awareness of the benefits that come with the job.

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Welcome video

Present yourselves to prospective candidates with an introductory video that tells people who you are and what you are about. Putting a face to your organization’s name make you more accessible and puts candidates at ease before they embark on their application process.

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Social media connectivity

Candidates can sign in and take their online interview using their preferred social media account which gives you access to much more information about the people applying than resumes.

features - reusable assessment

Reusable recruitment tools

Once a video interview or online assessment has been set up in the Recrumatic app it can be used for any vacancy at your organization, an especially handy time-saving feature for organizations with multiple openings.

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The Recrumatic app gives you access to valuable data about candidates to help you make better informed judgements about their applications. You can also use the information to fine tune your online assessments.

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Accessibility advantages

Get the best out of recruitment agencies for all your vacancies by giving them access to your account, then efficiently and effectively switch between agencies with minimal effort.

features - public link

Cast your net far and wide

Create a public link to your online assessment or video interview which ca be accessed through your company’s website and save yourself the hassle of sending them out individually.

features - invite like a pro

Efficient assessing and interviewing

Getting your candidates to take an online assessment or give a video interview is easy and stress free. Send personal invitations for tests through email, or generate personal one-time use links and send them via messenger or SMS.

features - interview sharing

Share and prosper

The Recrumatic app can create shareable links so that online assessments and video interviews can be shared with your colleagues. They get to know candidates even if they don’t have an account with Recrumatic.

features - short links

Short links

Using Twitter or messenger for sending out sharing links for online assessments, video interviews or for invitations? The you’ll probably want to shorten the links using our domain and keep things looking neat and tidy.

features - collaboration

Collaborate effortlessly

Every recruitment decision maker can be part of the hiring process without incurring scheduling difficulties. Invite them to review the online assessments and video interviews that candidates have taken and allow them to leave comments, vote and even give a score that the whole team can see.

features - interview cancelling

Always in control

Changed your mind about a candidate or even the vacancy itself? Simply and easily cancel the invitation to the online assessment or video interview and a notification will be sent out to existing candidates and no-one else will be able to apply.

features - job deactivation

Job done?

If you’ve filled your vacancy, simply deactivate it and all scheduled interviews are cancelled immediately ensuring you don’t use up any more of your time or waste that of other candidates.

features - custom tags


Make filtering through interview assessments simpler and easier by defining and assigning tags. Doing this allows you and your colleagues to quickly focus on the best candidates without having to refer back to notes individually.

features - applicant avatars

Applicant avatars

Recrumatic puts a face to the name of applicants by accessing profile images when a candidate logs in with their social media account. Recrumatic also takes a screen shot when the applicant starts a video interview and uses that image as the applicant’s profile picture.

features - applicant resumes

Build applicant profiles

Resumes can be uploaded by the candidate or by a member of the hiring team and attached to applications. This adds more detail to every candidate’s application and can be accessed by anyone in the hiring team.

features - question libraries

Question libraries

Save questions from video interviews and online assessments into your company’s library so that you can re-use them again for future vacancies or to create new assessments and interviews. As your library expands create folders to group questions and make it easier to browse when the need arises. You will also have access to Recrumatic’s library which you can use as they are to help shape your questions.

features - email templates

Efficient emailing

Recrumatic’s email templates can be customized to suit your needs throughout every step of the recruitment process. Once you’ve customized your template, macros in the software allow you to automatically insert candidate names and a job title so that invitations to interview, rejections and all other communications are created quickly and efficiently.

features - filtering and sorting

Volume control

When you’re dealing with a high volume of applications you’ll be glad Recrumatic offers various filtering options for interviewees allowing you to easily and efficiently search for specific candidates.

features - customize notifications

Instant notifications

Recrumatic’s customizable notification settings will help to keep you fully informed about every candidate instantly as soon as there’s an update to their application. You’ll know as soon as a video interview or online assessment has been completed, or you can choose to only get notified when a candidate achieves the pass mark in an online test. It’s up to you!

Recrumatic’s video interviewing software will enable you to deliver interview questions perfectly every time to every single candidate that are free from bias and free from the logistical difficulties that usually encumber traditional interviews. Dip into Recrumatic’s library of questions to fine tune your questions or add greater depth to your video interview. Once you’re happy with your list of questions you can send them out to individual candidates or simply create a link and efficiently funnel all your applicants through the video interview process. This easy-to-use recruitment tool will allow you shortlist faster, get through a high volume of candidates better and help you hire smarter.
Video and Text Questions

Question options

Questions can be asked in video or text form. Questions asked via video by a member of the hiring team will make the interview feel more natural and gives the candidate a face to go with your organization. However, you also have the flexibility to use questions in text form. This feature is particularly useful if you have a set of general questions that are suitable for all vacancies.

features - Preparation and Response Time

Set time limits

Set the amount of time you want to give your applicants to think of a response to a question and limit the amount of time in which they can answer. You want your candidates to give their best answers but you can also judge their speed of thought!

features - Retaking Videos

Retake questions

The video interviewing software can be configured to allow applicants to review their answers and retake a question. This option helps cover those unexpected eventualities which can occur while on camera and allows candidates to give their best responses if they’ve been interrupted or distracted while giving an answer.

features - Resuming Interviews

Resume interviews

Applicants can stop the video interview and come back to complete it later. The system is flexible and doesn’t require completing the one-way video interview in one sitting.

features - Candidates Proctoring

Candidate proctoring

During a video interview the applicant’s activities are monitored and recorded. You will know how many times a question was played back, how many recording attempts per question, whether the applicants used the copy paste function and if they navigated to another window. This useful data gives you a more complete picture about the candidate and how the interview went and the overall experience.

features - Equipment Checks

Pre-interview check

Before a candidate starts their video interview the Recrumatic app carries out a recording probe to ensure that both the camera and microphone on the device they are using to conduct the interview is working.

features - Unlimited Questions

Unlimited questions

There is virtually no limit to the video recording duration or the number of questions that can be asked during a video interview, which gives you the flexibility to make your video interview as in-depth and comprehensive as the vacancy requires.

features - question libraries

Question libraries

Save questions from video interviews and online assessments into your company’s library so that you can re-use them again for future vacancies or to create new assessments and interviews. As your library expands create folders to group questions and make it easier to browse when the need arises. You will also have access to Recrumatic’s library which you can use as they are to help shape your questions.

Create online assessments that will reveal the skills, qualities and aptitude of candidates. At a stroke you’ll be able to quickly and efficiently shortlist your entire candidate pool by funneling them through custom made online assessments which will tell you what skills they possess and who are the most suitable candidates that have applied for your vacancy. They are easy to set up and administer and can reveal cheating so that you can focus your attention on qualified applicants.
features - Question Texts Rich Format

Variable formats

Use a combination of video, text and images to make your questions informative and precise.

Quiz Time Limit

Time limit

Online tests can be set with fixed time limits so that once the test has started a timer begins to run and continues regardless of whether the applicant leaves the test. Time limits reveal a candidate’s ability to deal with deadlines and how they perform under pressure.

features - Question Time Limits

Question time limits

Individual time limits can be set for each question in your online assessments. This option ensures applicants provide answers under time pressure and minimizes the opportunity to look for correct answer online.

features - Navigation Preferences

Navigation options

Online assessments can be set up to allow applicants to answer questions randomly or in a specific order by only revealing the next question when the current one has been answered.

features - Flexible Scoring

Flexible scoring

For questions with partially correct answers the proportional fraction of points can be added to the overall score in the online assessment.

features - Correct Answers Revelation

Reveal the correct answer

In some online tests it may be beneficial to reveal the correct answer to a question to a candidate after they have submitted their answer.

features - Question and Quiz Feedback

Feedback revelation

Online tests can be set to give a candidate feedback on their answers, revealing if they provided a correct or incorrect answer.

features - Random Shuffling

Random shuffling

Test questions and question alternatives can be randomly shuffled for each test taker. This option achieves better objectiveness and more uniform distribution. It also helps to prevent cheating.

features - Time Indication

Time indicator

When questions have individual time limits the applicant will be aware of how much time is left to answer by a blue arc that runs around the question’s icon.

features - Time Grants

Time grants

Online tests can allow time grants to be given to applicants in case additional time is needed to answer a question or complete the assessment.

features - Answers in Real Time

Watch tests in real time

The Recrumatic app will send you a notification when an applicant has started an online test. This gives you the option to watch their progress in real time rather than wait for the assessment to be completed.

features - Score Correction

Score correction

The score to any question in an online test can be manually corrected if needed. This is useful when a misunderstanding or error in a test is revealed. This feature is also used when the mark for a question cannot be calculated automatically as is the case when essay questions make up the test.

features - Quiz Proctoring

Test proctoring

During a test the applicant’s activities are monitored and recorded. You will know whether the applicants used the copy paste function and if they navigated to another window during the test.

features - Cheating Alerts

Cheating alerts

The tests will reveal if an applicant’s activity was suspicious by marking those moments with darker colors on the test timeline.

features - Printing and saving the Results

Printing and saving results

Test results can be saved as a PDF and printed giving you the option to have the information to hand during an offline interview with the applicant.

features - Export and Import

Import and export

Test questions and other settings can be exported to an XML file and downloaded. These files can be stored and used later to create a copy of the test.

features - Essay and Text Questions

Essay and text questions

Your test can contain short text questions where the answers can be automatically validated and compared to the list of allowed answers or essay questions which are scored manually by members of the hiring team.

features - Assessment Cascading

Assessment cascading

At the end of a test or assessment you have the option to present a message and link to a candidate dependent on their score or grade. This option can also be used to navigate those who have passed on to the next test when more than one test is needed to assess applicants.